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The Current state-of-the-art in the proposed project is increasingly demanding in the field of education. Students require an all around development of their mental ability & psychological personality and exhibit skills in order to survive in this demanding and fast growing generation. Students not only require academics but also need some extra set of skill sets which would help them mould and grow in this paced environment around us. Our project- iObrain would look into all the sections of a student right from his/her mental ability, thinking style, personal skills and help them be positive, productive and professional. We like to stand out from the crowd as the best and unique institute. This is the reason we have uniquely named our Project as iObrain. We are Unique, Modernized, Adaptable to Modern Technologies in Training, Monitor, provide Peer to Peer training with substantial Scientific and Innovative Solutions and show Professionalism in all aspects.

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Our Programs

Learn how to build Robots from Scratch

Robotics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering and science that includes mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering, computer science, and others

Learn how to Automate stuffs in Real Time

Automation is the technology by which a process or procedure is performed with minimum human assistance

Develop your own Software

Python is an interpreted high-level easy to learn programming language for general-purpose programming.

Internet of Things
Connect everything to Internet

The Internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables these things to connect each other to internet to collect and exchange data.

Web Designing
Learn how to design your own Website

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites

Foreign Language
Learn a Foreign Language

A foreign language is a language originally from another country. It is also a language not spoken in the native country of the person referred to, i.e., an English speaker living in Spain can say that Spanish is a foreign language to him or her.


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Level 1: Troopers - Learning Level (Basics)

Here kids of age 6 to 8 learn the basic concepts of Electronics by understanding hte simple components through building small models and developing tiny projects. This imbibes fun with basic components which helps them gradually move into the next level.

Level 2: Explorers - Project Level( without controller)

“The next level to basics slides down into building simple circuits to realistic models using the components which helps kids of age 8 to 11 years utilize the basics to understand the real life applications.

Level 3: Creators - Simple Projects Level - BASICS(with controller)

Level 4: Captivators - Interactive Projects - ADVANCED( with controller)

“Few would argue that, despite the advancements of feminism over the past three decades, women still face a double standard when it comes to their behavior. While men’s borderline-inappropriate behavior.

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