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Arduino Projects

Standing Out From The Rest

What is Arduino?

Arduino is a controller board which has both software and hardware to control everything around you, it opens up possibilities of making unimaginable things.

Why Arduino?

  1. Arduino is open-source software.
  2. It is very simple and easy controller board.
  3. Coding in Arduino is so much easy for kids
  4. Any age kid can learn Arduino.
  5. Arduino is a stepping stone for technology.
  6. It is a firmware, so it’s not going to bore you.

Why Arduino for kids?

Once kids are old enough to enter the world of electronics, with the help of expert trainer and Supervision, Arduino is a perfect choice. Arduino is really simple to use, it is simple to Code and it is relatively cheap to get started with. Arduino will your first step as the best One.

We have multiple levels of Arduino batches which cater to all level of student ranging from.

1.     Arduino Tinkering
2.     Arduino Explorers
3.     Arduino Creators
4.     Arduino Experts

Which would last up to 12 month, every level builds up curiosity amongst student of what is coming next.