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About IIL

Standing Out From The Rest

iObrain Innovative Labz(IIL) is a unique Robotics and Automation training institute located in Bangalore an IT capital of India committed to offering quality technical training to kids of all age group who have the zeal to learn essential futuristic technologies in the field of Robotics and Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Coding, Drone, IoT, Python, Android Applications, and Games online and offline. IIL is ‘Standing out from the Rest’ by its 360-degree brain development approach and 3i(imitate, integrate, innovate) training methodologies for kids, graduates as well as working professionals and certified by ISO 9001:2015 for its best training quality and recognized by Better India. Started in 2015, team IIL has extensive experience in nurturing over 10000+ students from freshman to professionals and rural to urban passionates. 

Standing out from the Rest

We teach our iObians, how to build their own robots and projects and own controlling modules, allowing them to make their own custom applications. With this custom module training, they gain real knowledge and start building their custom robots, automation projects at the minimum cost and minimum resources. 

Robotics courses are offered by a number of people, but with a limited amount of knowledge and using ready-made modules available in the market which most of the students purchase and just do the assembly to create their projects.

Unless a kid has the required knowledge of the components, he/she will never be able to try to implement the components in his/her projects, and finally, they won’t be able to build projects of their choice in a cost-effective manner and in terms of a better design and applications. We at IIL, allow our iObians to understand how things work from scratch with the best minds in training, get practical exposure to the electronics components, controllers, sensors, and actuators required to build real-time automation projects and robots.