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Why IIL?

Standing Out From The Rest

Why IIL?

With more than 5 years of experience and more than 500 robotics and automation projects completed, we understand what it takes to build advanced robotics projects &  applications. Among the hundreds of robotics training institutes in India, we are one of the best choice, who provide quality training in the field of Robotics, Automation, and Embedded Systems. Today we have reached more than 30+  schools and have trained more than 10000 rural students too on various robotics projects online and offline. With advanced courses to all-time technologies like Drone, Robotics and Automation, Python, Artificial Intelligence, Android Applications, Games and Animations, A Simulation Vision with TinkerCad, Internet of Things (IoT), Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and a lot more, we have students to professionals who learn technical courses with us to accomplish their dream projects.

We at IIL follow unique 3i(imitate, integrate, innovate) training methodology to train our iObians. We prefer our iObians not to work on the pre-made modules and readymade kits, instead we allow them to learn from scratch using spare components resulting in working prototypes before they proceed to final models. We allow iObians to use major hardware tools to electronic instruments and components with their use cases, in order to better understand how to use and where to use them to build effective robotics or IoT application.

Major areas of the Robotics Projects our iObians built are:

  • Mobile Robotics
  • Bluetooth Robotics Projects
  • Maze solver Robotics Projects
  • Sensor Guided Robotics
  • Wi-fi Controlled Robotics Projects
  • Voice-controlled Robotics Projects
  • Arduino Based Robotics Projects
  • NodeMCU Based Robotics Projects
  • Raspberry Pi based Robotics Projects