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Chess / Rubik’s Cube

Standing Out From The Rest

Chess helps you develop your concentration and improve your level of thinking because it doesn’t depend on age nor does it require requirement. Chess is the most important sports because it never repeat itself .there are never two equal matches.

This sport is like studying: the more you Practice it, the better you’ll get at it. You can go to chess clubs and you will naturally become more independent.

It helps the growth of the brain:

Sports like chess, that challenge the mind, actually stimulate the growth of dendrites (the organisms that send signals from the brain cells called neurons).

With more dendrites, neural communication in the brain improves and becomes faster.

Imagine the brain like a computer’s processor. The dendrites communicate with the neurons, making the computer’s processor (the brain) work optimally and faster.

We at iObrain encourage kids to compete with each other and build their mental status.